Aug 012010

Brad from St. George’s Spirits came around to Game Revolution for our podcast (#119) and the first installment of their cocktail of the month feature. He brought their Qi Black smoked tea liquor. That’s pronounced “chee” by the way, like you know, your aura or some crap.

His drink, the Dr Qi:

2oz Qi Black
4oz Dr Pepper

Combine on the rocks. Not bad, but we can do better, and I took home the extra bottle.

The stuff is delicious just straight, by the way. A bit smokey like scotch, but otherwise very different. My wife, Miranda, and I both detected hints of orange (bergamot?) so we started there and ended delicious.

2oz Qi Black
4oz Aranciata (natural orange soda from San Pellegrino)
Dash orange bitters (Regans’ No 6)

Combine on the rocks. Fantastic.

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